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The Art of NYE - New Year's Eve in a historic factory on 2 floors 

Celebrate in the legendary music brewery with a view of the TV tower from der 

Greifswalder Strasse 23A, 10405 Berlin

ATTENTION! 100% money-back guarantee up to 3 days before the event!



Cross the border to the year 2024 with us in a location that is otherwise only available for film shoots and photo shoots. Enjoy our 2 dance floors, finger food and drinks, which are included in the entrance fee. Come by with your loved ones and friends and experience the New Year's Eve in a unique setting of video visuals.
At midnight, the huge fireworks at Alexanderplatz can be seen directly from Volkspark Friedrichshain and Greifswalder Straße.

Start of the New Year's Eve party:
Admission from 9:30 p.m.

Party on 2 Floors:
Main Hall: Dance Classics, Pop & Disco, 90s
Underground: House, Techno, Electronic

New Year's Specials in the Musikbrauerei:

- 2 dance floors
- All drinks + finger food included in the entrance fee
- Visual Art Ambient Lounge
- Underground bunkers
- Large factory buildings

- Finger foods

- All drinks included


Pilsener Urquell  0,33l 

Karlsberg Naturradler 0.33l


Fritz Cola  0,2l 

Orange juice 0.2l

Apple juice 0.2l

Passion fruit juice 0.2l

Bitter Lemon 0.2l

Tonic Water 0.2l

Ginger Ale 0.2l

Redbull 0.25l

Spreequell still water 0.33l

Classic 0.33l


Vodka Red Bull 0,3l 

 Vodka orange juice 0.3l 

Lemon Vodka 0,3l 

Vodka passion fruit 0,3l 

Rum  Cola 0.3l 

Jägermeister Red Bull 0.3l

Gin and tonic 0.3l

Whiskey Cola 0.3l 

Cuba Libre 0.3l

Wine & Sparklin Wine:

Prosecco on ice 0.2l

You can get wine at the wine bar on the 1st floor


Smirnoff Red Label Premium Vodka 2cl 

Berlin air 2cl 

Jägermeister 2cl 

Questions and answers about this event

What drinks are included in the price?
The following drinks are offered: soft drinks (water, juices, cola, fanta, sprite, etc.), beer, prosecco, wine and long drinks. Above you can find the drinks menu (the prices only apply to party guests).

Can I bring fireworks?
Carrying fireworks into the location is expressly prohibited. Fireworks may be disposed of at the entrance. 

Can I reserve a table?
Unfortunately, a reservation is not possible. However, seating is available in the evening.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?
Please send us an email to

What ages are expected?
The average age is between 20-45 years.

Can I bring my child?
Parents are allowed to bring their children to the event.

I have problems buying tickets online! Whom can I contact?

Please send us an email to

Waiting times & admission controls:
For security reasons, identity checks are carried out at the entrances. Backpacks, bags and fireworks of any kind are strictly prohibited on the event site. Bringing sharp or pointed objects is prohibited. Glass bottles are also not allowed. Please note that there may be longer waiting times at the entrances due to security measures. We ask for your understanding.

ATTENTION! 100% money-back guarantee up to 3 days before the event.

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