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New Year's Eve and public transport in Berlin

New Year's Eve in Berlin is an exciting event, and many people flock to the city to celebrate the New Year. But when it comes to getting around on New Year's Eve, many are concerned about public transportation availability and schedules. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of public transportation in Berlin during New Year's Eve to help you have a stress-free and safe trip.


The U-Bahn is one of the most popular options for getting around Berlin, and most lines will be in operation on New Year's Eve as well. However, the subways run on a reduced schedule, and there may be changes to stops. It is advisable to check in advance for the latest schedules and line changes. BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) usually publishes information about New Year's Eve schedules on its website and in subway stations well in advance.


S-Bahns are another important option for public transportation in Berlin. Again, there is a special schedule with reduced frequency during New Year's Eve. Some lines may end earlier or run different routes. It is advisable to check beforehand to make sure you will reach your desired connection. S-Bahn Berlin GmbH provides information about New Year's Eve schedules on its website and at S-Bahn stations.


Buses in Berlin usually operate on a special schedule during New Year's Eve. Availability and routes may vary, so it is important to check in advance for the latest information. Also note that buses can often be crowded at night, as many people use public transportation to get to their New Year's Eve destinations.


Streetcars are less common in Berlin than subways and buses, but they are still an option for getting around the city. During New Year's Eve, special schedules apply here as well, and changes may occur. Make sure to check the latest information about streetcar connections before your trip.

Tips for a smooth ride:

  • Plan early: Find out about schedules and line changes in advance. BVG and S-Bahn Berlin GmbH publish this information in good time.

  • Buy tickets in advance: buy your ticket in advance to avoid long queues at the ticket machines.

  • Alternative transportation: Since public transportation is often crowded on New Year's Eve, consider alternative transportation options such as cabs, bicycles or carpooling.

  • Safety first: Keep in mind that there are many celebrations and fireworks displays on New Year's Eve. Stay alert on public transportation and at bus stops and watch your valuables.

Overall, Berlin offers solid public transportation on New Year's Eve to ensure you can enjoy your New Year's Eve to the fullest without worrying about getting home. Find out in time, plan your trip and look forward to an unforgettable New Year's Eve in the German capital.

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